Weight Loss with a Registered Dietitian

Weight loss with a registered dietitian is one of the most common reason patients come to Apex MD in Richmond VA. When it comes to weight loss, everyone has an opinion on the most effective way to do it. On a daily basis we are flooded with all kinds of information about nutrition. Fad diet pops up every week. People are confused and jump from one diet to the next yet usually end up gaining it all back. Weight loss brings about many questions such as: Why is it that everyone wants to lose weight? Why does everyone have weight to lose?  What is “THE” best way to lose weight? 

Why do people want to lose weight?

There are many reasons why people want weight loss, some do it to improve the way they look but most do it to “get healthy” or feel better. However many habits that you develop while trying to lose weight lead to a healthier version of yourself. It is not weight loss but healthy habits create health improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.https://apex-md.com/weight-loss-nutrition-counseling/

Most importantly, in our day and age advertisement is everywhere! TV’s, billboards, radio, and social media are constantly swaying us to eat certain foods. With our busy schedules “grab and go” foods become a regular option. Most people eat out at least once a week or on a daily basis. Some eat mostly at home but eat processed foods such as chips, cookies, crackers, and TV dinners. Most do little to no physical activity. These lifestyle habits lead to poor health and weight loss becomes difficult.

Is a diet fad the answer for weight loss?

So now that you want to make a change, what should you do? There is keto, south beach diet, weight watchers and so many others, so how do you choose? You have tried several and they seem to work but somehow you end up back at square one, starting a new diet every few m months. Well, I am here to tell you that most diets lack a good relationship with food. Whether its extreme calorie restriction or completely eliminating a food group, diets only work while you do them.  Once the willpower runs out, you go back to eating your normal diet. All the progress made is gone. That is one of the main reasons to consider your weight loss journey with our registered dietitian.

Diets are not the answer. Our registered dietitian can help change your lifestyle, learn what foods to eat, when to eat, and the right amounts to eat. This is the key to a healthier you!  The first step is finding a registered dietitian educate you on how to have a healthy relationship with food and achieve your health goals. The second step is accountability and consistency. Staying focused and consistently working on your health goals doesn’t have to be impossible, not even during holidays!

July 4 HolidayEating right on a holiday weekend

With Holidays such as 4th of July approaching many of my patients ask what kinds of foods are healthy to cook or eat during your own or someone else’s cookout.  My number one tip when it comes to holiday eating is to make sure you are eating some protein! Most people are 1st tempted by the chips, cookies, and all the starchy appetizers and sides and forget or eat little to no protein. No matter if you are vegetarian, vegan, or have high cholesterol, having proteins such as grilled chicken, beans, or burgers will prevent you from over eating unhealthy high calorie foods.

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