APEX MD offers extended office hours and WALK IN OPTIONS to continually provide high quality care at your convenience. We recommend to schedule an appointment though our secure patient portal for established patient follow up visits and annual wellness exams.

We are a Family Practice center and also provide ACUTE CARE for your immediate health care needs without the added costs of urgent care centers. We pride ourselves in being considered as "Your Fast and Courteous Practice with Open Access Scheduling and a Walk-In Office."

We strive to  provide excellent  medical services to all our patients.  Trust in the medical experts at our center for professional medical services when you need them, so you never have to worry about the availability of quality medical care.  Our staff hasn't forgotten core medical ethics, and gladly provide caring and compassionate services to all our patients.

Our center was established with the goal to provide much better service to our community with innovative physician led culture.  From children to the elderly, we accept all patients and families at our clinic any time at your own convenience.


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