Glow vs. Greasy Complexion

Summer time is finally here, and Virginia is known to be a sticky place when the warmer months roll around. Humidity mixed with a chance of brutal heat can have a variety of effects on our body, and nothing can be more frustrating than stubborn skin as a result. For those with drier skin you might find relief with the warmer weather. Constant sweating helps keep those pores cleared out, itchiness to dissipate, and in addition the cell turnover rate increases resulting in a nice glow. All sounds great unless you have oily skin: clogged pores, sunscreen melting into your eye, endless blotting paper, and surrender when it comes to getting makeup to stay on your face.
The first tip to beating the heat is rotating the products you use to fit the current season. I talk with clients constantly about looking for the current condition of the skin. Keep the eye cream, serums, and SPF (which I hope you use year-round; even when it’s cloudy.) Take a look at your cleanser and moisturizer. Summertime might mean a little more aggressive cleanser and a lighter moisturizer especially for oily skin types. Try switching to a hydrator or gel verse a tradition moisturizer. Some of these are in forms of mists, like the Osmosis Clear+ we carry in the office, and can even be applied after makeup application as a setting spray to help keep everything in place. It is going to deliver the right amount to hydration and moisture without making the skin feel thick and greasy. I personally keep mine in the fridge, so when I come inside a little spritz helps cool me off and calm my skin down. It also makes it feel just a little more luxurious.

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