Same day appointments are available in most cases. If you call late in the day, we may have you come for the "walk-in" clinic the next morning.
We ask that you be responsible for anticipating the need for refills. Requests may take up to 48 hours to process. You can request a refill via our secure patient portal on this website or via voice message.
Lab results are available for viewing on our secure patient portal after they have been reviewed by your provider. If you do not have access to the patient portal please contact the office. If you do not have web access you may request a printed copy of your labs from your provider.
When you need to see a specialist, your provider will create a referral for you during your office visit.
The billing office can be reached at (276)783-1827. Or you can use the secure patient portal and “Billing Questions
In general, you should have one every five years in your twenties, every three years in your thirties, every other year in your forties, and every year after fifty. Women should have a yearly Pap test and a mammogram every year after forty. To help you enjoy the best possible health and well-being, we are collaborating with your health plan to let you know about important preventive screenings and health services you may need every year. Most insurance companies will fully cover a yearly preventive exam.
NP stands for Nurse Practitioner. A NP has several years of postgraduate training in clinical medicine after a college degree and nursing degree. Our NPs are board certified and take continuing medical education courses every year just like our physicians do.
We don't call in most medications, as this is not a good practice. We DO NOT call in narcotics. If you think you need treatment for a problem, come in and let one of our providers examine you.
We participate in most HMO, PPO, and traditional indemnity insurance plans. Call our office to inquire about your particular plan.
Old records are useful to have for patients with complicated health histories, but for the most part, old records are not necessary for the first visit.
We treat patients as young as 2 years old and up to any age.
Commercial insurance and managed care plan benefits for routine and preventive care vary with the plan. You should verify your benefits prior to services being rendered. Remember that having an insurance card may not mean automatically that you have coverage for routine or preventive care. Medicare doesn't cover any services for routine physicals, and Medicare coverage for preventive medicine is limited to specific preventive tests and exams that can be given only according to certain guidelines for how frequently these can be provided.
No, not all providers are available during walk-in. Walk-in patients are seen first come/first served.
All our employees sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the use and care of your medical information. This is a cardinal rule for our practice. We understand our legal obligations to protect your privacy according to the privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which is federal law. Ask us at any time about any of your concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality.
Yes all our physicians have taken and passed the examination given by the American Board of Medical Specialties – Family Practice. It's retaken every 10 years. Family Practice is one of the medical specialties that requires its members to undergo recertification.
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