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Winter Skin Wisdom

Clients this time of year ask me the same series of questions addressing winter skin wisdom. Answers can be made […]

To Supplement or Not to Supplement

In recent years the supplement industry has exploded into one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with revenue […]

Falling into a Routine

With school back in session and fall quickly approaching it is important to establish a routine to set yourself up […]

Having your cake and Eating it Too!

Have you ever battled with how to indulge in your favorite sweet treat without breaking your diet? If you answered […]

Say Bye-Bye Sallow Skin

Exfoliation is a big subject, so I’m going to hit on some summer essentials. As the cell turnover rate within […]

Glow vs. Greasy Complexion

Summer time is finally here, and Virginia is known to be a sticky place when the warmer months roll around. […]

Hydration Is Key!

Here at Apex MD one of our goals is to help patients find solutions to the problems that may be […]

Cookout Complications

Food, warm weather, and good company.. what more could you ask for? Don’t miss out on summertime cookouts just for […]

5 Tips For Navigating Nutrition Pitfalls This Summer

Summer is here, and for many of us, that means pool parties, weekends at the lake, and family vacations. In […]

Meal Prepping Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps

Meal Prepping Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps:   1. Pick a day that works for you. Sunday Funday might […]

Fuel for Back to School

If you are a parent, you’ve likely tackled the back-to-school list: new supplies, sneakers, backpack, and lunch box. How about what […]