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Ayurveda: Where East blends with the West

Are you feeling sick, tired and out of balance? Discover Ayurveda!

Discover Ayurveda
A natural, time-honored, and personalized approach toward eliminating disease, restoring balance, and transforming your life.

Imbalance is at the root of every major illness in the modern world. Understanding the nature of your imbalance is the first step toward developing a healthier, more fulfilling life.The ancient healing science of Ayurveda offers a clear path toward identifying and eliminating the imbalances that have been holding you back in your life.

The word ayurveda derives from Sanskrit and means “The Science of Life”. It is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. The crucial value of Ayurvedic medicine is to maintain the body’s balance of body, mind and spirit. By achieving this one can evade infection as well as illness and reach harmony.

Ayurveda brings healthy metabolic state, good digestion and proper excretion to your life. On the other hand to conquer the apt balance you must recognize a few key basics. These basics are integrated within worldwide interconnectedness, life forces (Doshas) and the body’s constitution (Prakriti). By considerate these key elements within areas of Ayurvedic medicine you can see the origin for Ayurvedic health.

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Which of these “Dosha” imbalances sounds the most like you?


Vata (air)

“I’m feeling so scattered”

My day begins but internally I can’t help but feel the windy city within as it swirls around through each and every one of my cells. I try to ground myself, as I grasp for each thought like the clouds that float by.
I tend to reach for tall salads and ice-cold drinks, on the run, if I don’t forget to to stop for food entirely.
As the night wears on, I toss and turn, usually awakening very early, feeling unrested and weightless.


Pitta (fire)

“I’m a hot-headed mess”

I feel a hot desert sun that penetrates my every pore and builds in pressure from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head like a steam engine.
If I could scream out loud, I might say ‘everyone clear out, I got this under control’ It scares me to know how angry and hot-headed I can really get.
I find myself craving spicy foods, alcohol, and I sometimes suffer from “heart burn” and skin conditions.


Kapha (earth)

“I’ve waited too long.”

I feel stuck, sticky, slow, muddy, and heavy. I know I should be exercising but I just don’t have the motivation. I seem to put off everything until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.
I can’t seem to get out of bed before 9 am. My thoughts remain stuck and rarely manifest into action.
I’m hopelessly addicted to sweets, cakes, cookies, ice cream and all of those creamy sauces.

What can you do for Dosha imbalance?

Pancha Karma Detoxification

Pancha Karma is unique to Ayurveda, a system based on thousands of years of healing. It is extremely nurturing, safe and gentle on the system. It is quite powerful and effective in removing toxins and stress from the deep tissues. The aim of Pancha Karma is to totally detoxify and rejuvenate at the cellular level.

  • Removes the root cause of disease.
  • Balances the bodily Humour Vata, Petta and Kapha.
  • Improves Immunity.
  • Balance the Nervous system, Blood circulatory system, Digestive system and also as well as Physiological equilibrium.
  • Remove the Toxins situated at the week point of body.
  • Increases Mental and Physical efficiency.
  • Increases skin glow.
  • Reduces extra fat.
  • Remove insomnia, anxiety and mental problem.
  • Increases loss of vigour and stamina
  • Increases joint movability

Abhyanga – A stimulating whole body massage with ayurvedic oils to nourish and revitalize the body mind and spirit. Abhyanga rejuvenates the body, removes toxins, reduces stress by calming the nervous system, and improves circulation, relaxes and tones the muscles, helps reduce insomnia, vitalizes the body and pacifies the vata dosha. Read more…

Swedana– A full body steam therapy. Special herbs are infused into the steam and together the heat and herbs dilate the lymphatic channel systems of the body allowing the stored toxins to be moved back into the digestive tract for elimination. Read more…

Shirodhara – A calming treatment for the mind and nervous system. Warm oil is poured on the forehead and scalp to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and nervous system disorders. Read more…

Bliss Therapy – The name says it all – it’s the combination of abhyanga, shirodhara, and swedana. This is the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation therapy while also detoxifying the body, mind, and spirit. Read more…

Nasya – A stimulating cleanse of the sinuses & head with a head, neck & shoulder massage. Nasya reduces kapha in the head and balances the mind, promotes clarity, relieves sinus headache and congestion. Read more…

Kati Basti– A healing treatment for knee pain, low back pain and sciatica. Kati Basti heals low back pain injuries and the sciatic nerve.

Pancha Karma – A Royal cleanse and detoxifying treatment of 3,5, or 7 days. Please see medically supervised Pancha karma Specialist in our office. Read more…


Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit. This ayurvedic detox and stress reduction therapy is performed by herbal oils. It incorporates an aromatic combination of oils prepared with herbs warmed and blended to your Dosha type. A variety of Ayurvedic techniques is applied to work along the energy channels of your body in a synchronized manner to restore the flow of vital energy, Prana, where it has become blocked. Lymphatic stimulation with ayurvedic herbal oils help squeeze out toxic accumulation from channels. Hence it is DETOXIFYING massage. Warm oil is the best remedy for Vata which is governing energy for healthy body and mind, Abhyanga oil massage initiates deep healing within cells . Hence it is one of the most popular therapy in Ayurveda Body work treatments.

Abhyanga includes
  • Indian scalp and head oil massage
  • neck and shoulder oil massage
  • feet and legs oil massage
  • hands and palm oil massage
  • back massage
  • belly massage with oils
Benefits of Abhyanga
  • Nourishes mind and body
  • Rejuvenates the whole body
  • Increases longevity
  • Delays aging
  • Relives fatigue
  • Builds stamina
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Enhances complexion and luster of skin.
  • Cleans your body (detoxify)
  • Helps you avoid stress and enjoy a brightness of the senses (Balance body, mind and soul.)
  • Prevents stiffness of muscles
  • Corrects digestion and blood pressure and enjoy better sleep
  • Mind (Avoid bad thoughts and feel happy)
  • Soul (Only a sound body can bear a good soul)

* The Most Popular Therapy in Ayurveda.


Experience the most divine ancient Ayurvedic ritual to rest and calm the mind at Ayurveda Wellness Center & Holistic Spa - Shirodhara. A steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead stimulates the pituitary gland, or "third-eye." This is one of the most divine therapies, awakening your body’s intuitive knowledge.

"Shiro," means head, and "dhara" is the continuous flow of a liquid. In this process, warm herbal oils, milk or buttermilk, or decoctions are poured in a slow steady stream on your forehead. This treatment is profoundly relaxing, nourishing. It will improve your mental clarity and comprehension.

Benefits of Shirodhara
  • Stimulates the 3rd eye and crown chakras, and awakens intuition and inner wisdom
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia through natural serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin release
  • Helps mental focus and concentration
  • Balances VATA DOSHA
  • Works on the cerebral system, helps to relax the nervous system, and balances the 'Praan Vaayu' (life force energy) around the head
  • Improves the sensitivity of five senses
  • Reduces and relieves migraine headaches
  • Decreases hair loss and fatigue and makes one calm and refreshed
  • Deeply relaxes mind and body
  • Releases negative emotions and thought patterns.
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Rejuvenates the entire face and softens worry lines
  • Heightens the senses
  • Increases spiritual awareness
  • Pacifies vata reducing anxiety, restlessness, irritability, nervousness, fear & excessive thinking
  • Improves mental focus and concentration.

Follow your warm oil massage with an exquisite herbal steam treatment that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. Medicinal herbs such as lavender, chamomile, bay leaf, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemongrass help to clear the channels, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. This treatment aids in the elimination of toxins and is beneficial for stiffness, coughs, pain in the ears, neck or head, edema (swelling) and promotes deep relaxation.

Swedana is an individualised herbal steam bath. Swedana is a unique treatment where the head and the area of the heart are kept cool during the steam bath while the body is heated to remove impurities found deep within the tissues. In this technique you either sit or lie down on your back. Swedana treatment include various forms of heat therapies which may be done damp or dry, locally or for the whole body. The process open the tissues of the body with heat saturation and oil. When the tissues open, toxins or ama, deep seated in the body, can be expelled out of the skin. This helps reduce inflammation, promotes healing, and improves blood circulation and restoration. The treatment is not appropriate for people with heart disease or hypertension as the heat may cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

bliss theraphy

The name says it all – it’s the combination of abhyanga, shirodhara, and swedana. This is the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation therapy while also detoxifying the body, mind, and spirit.

This heavenly therapy is a combination of Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Swedana, and takes the mind, body and spirit on an inner journey of relaxation and mental purification. Each therapy includes meditation and rest. By creating deep relaxation, promoting energy flow, and purifying the body and mind, Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy encourages a deep remembering of balance, wellness and peace that supports the healing process and allows for a connection to Spirit.


Nasya Therapy is a sinus therapy with herbal oils such as herbal oil, ghee, or herbal powder. Your nose is the doorway to the brain as well as the doorway to consciousness. Prana, the life force, enters your body through each breath taken in through your nose. The seat of Prana is in the brain and maintains sensory and motor functions.

Our therapy at Apex-MD involves healing oil application to your head, face, neck, and shoulder along with herbal oils stimulating Marma points, followed by deep inhalation of herbal steam and guided self administration of herbal oil or ghee into the nostrils. Afterwards, your palms and feet are also gently massaged.

Benefits of Nasya Therapy
  • Opens and clears breathing channels
  • Great relief for allergies, sinusitis, migraine headache, and frequent colds
  • Melts the tension in your face with aromatic warm towel compresses
What is Pancha Karma detox program?

Pancha Karma cleansing programs are available in packages of 3 – 21 days. You can choose how many days depending on your level of health, time schedule, and budget.

3 – 5 Day Program

We also offer “mini” Pancha Karma program for those who want to experience PK, but may not have the time or money for a more extensive program.

7 Day Program:

A seven day cleanse is the traditional Pancha Karma time frame. This allows for detoxifying all 7 layers of tissues, or Dhatus as they are called in Ayurveda. (The 7 Dhatu layers of the body – Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Marrow & Nerves, Reproductive Tissue) It takes at least 7 days to reach and cleanse the deepest level of tissue.

8 – 21 Day Program

For those with more serious health concerns and chronic illnesses, we may suggest that you follow a longer program. This way you could more gently detoxify the system at a slower pace, and receive the benefits of deep cleansing and experience lasting changes. This longer pancha karma is also meant for someone on the spiritual path, seeking experience that lead to enlightenment. In India, it is common for one to undergo pancha karma rejuvenation for up to 90 days, at which point the body/mind is totally transformed and made new again. * Fees can be adjusted/discounted to reflect the longer program.

PRICES Please talk with our office for discounter treatment prices for 7 days and 21 days program

What is Pancha Karma?

The Panchakarma or five cleansing methods explain the origination of the name of the treatment procedure as Panchakarma that means five processes and how Panchakarma works. The detoxification or the cleansing process of Panchakarma involves five basic shodanas or five different cleansing methods that after systematic and consecutive application fulfill the requirement of the objectives of the treatment.

panchakarma banner

Pre Pancha Karma Suggestions

  • Before starting a Pancha Karma try to eliminate unhealthy habits and foods from the diet.
  • At least one week before you arrive
  • night sweats
  • Avoid foods that are packaged (with additives & preservatives), as well as leftovers, canned, frozen, and fried foods.
  • Reduce intake of refined sugars, yeasted breads, and heavy cheeses.
  • Try for a vegetarian diet (avoid red meat & pork especially) occasional fish and poultry is allowed if needed.

During Pancha Karma

  • You will need as much rest as possible. This is a time where we set aside to heal and self-reflect.
  • Try to avoid stressful activities of daily life. It is recommended that you take off from work. We are also attempting to clear the electro- magnetic bombardment that we are constantly exposed to in the modern world.
  • Do not plan too many extra activities during the pancha karma like running.
  • While taking treatment it is advised to conserve energy. Gentle Yoga/ Nature Walks are ideal.

Post Pancha Karma

  • On the last day of your PK program we will go over the home care procedures.
  • You will be given a list of foods to eat/avoid based on your body type.
  • You will go home with Rasayana herbal tonics to rejuvenate and build healthy strong tissue.
  • It is advised to follow the lifestyle recommendations and routine as closely as possible to achieve the full benefits of your pancha karma a program.
  • Email and phone support is available following PK.
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