3D Skin Analysis

DermaQuip 3D skin analysis using the PEAR Imaging System. We offer the most advanced aesthetic equipment on the market to look at patients pores, wrinkles, sun damage, texture, oil, bacteria, and skin tone all in 3D.

Standard skin consult is converted into an advanced technological experience no one will forget. Patients are actually excited about improving their skin and looking young and healthy again. By adding high resolution photography and 3D Skin Analysis, we will be able to track the progress of how your skin is improving over the course of months, years and even decades.

Pear 3D Skin Analysis System

The Patient Enhancement And Rejuvenation 3D popularly known as PEAR 3D Skin Analysis, is one of the best skin analysis treatments. Remarkable imaging and precise diagnoses are hallmark of this technique. Under, Pear 3D Skin Analysis, several images of the face and its skin layers are shot simultaneously. The cameras used for 3D PEAR, capture every dimension of the face and thus help in uncovering the damages to the facial skin surface and its layers.

The PEAR 3D skin analysis combines the best of photography and skin analysis together for an easy to use tool for the aesthetic professional. It is by far the best option for completing a complexion skin analysis, outperforming competitors like the Visia Complexion Analysis tool.

For clients, a session with the PEAR 3D is harmless, quick and comfortable. After placing their head in the capture station digital camera quickly capture’s and processes the images into the DermaQuip computer database system.


The PEAR 3D skin analysis is multi-faceted, taking multiple images of the face (and layers of the skin) simultaneously. These incredible cameras not only capture the face in nearly microscopic detail, they also reveal damage done to the face that could never be seen with the naked human eye. Uncover UV radiation damage, wrinkles growing in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, clogged pores, and more. The DermaQuip PEAR 3D shows the pores of the face in three-dimensional detail. When a customer sees evidence of their facial skin condition, they will be more likely to purchase your products or services to begin to heal and cure their damaged skin.

The PEAR 3D Skin Analysis allows the Aesthetic Professional to analyze the skin in 3D. Digital photographs cannot provide all the information you need to recommend the proper treatments. The PEAR skin imaging system analyzes:

  • Pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun Damage
  • Oil
  • Bacteria
  • Pigment and Skin Tone

Adding the PEAR 3D

  • Improves consultation effectiveness to give documented, trustworthy advice
  • Helps suggest comprehensive services/products
  • Uncovers future problem areas – Recommend preventative procedures
  • Provides consistent, comparative analysis to track treatment effectiveness
  • 3D skin analysis aids in determining the skin type and reveals the real roots of skin conditions like dehydration, sensitivity and uneven skin tone.

Best Skin Analysis Treatment

Today advancements in medical science has resulted in the evolution of best skin analysis treatment.
A detailed skin analysis determines the following:

  • Hereditary history
  • Cosmetic and remedial history
  • Skin type
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Genetic predisposition of skin
  • Response towards treatment

Skin Analysis treatment in Richmond

Having got to know about the 3D Skin analysis and its techniques, questions like, are there any 3D Skin Analysis near me?, where to undergo 3D Skin Analysis in Richmond?, and which is the best place to go for Pear 3D Skin Analysis in Ricmond will arise your mind. We at the, New Woman Lounge and Integrated Aesthetics Center at Apex MD in Richmond VA provide the best Skin Analysis treatment in Richmond, so don’t worry fix an appointment with us and find an one stop solution to all your skin conditions.
We have the expertise to offer you range of solutions for your skin conditions utilizing the latest technologies.

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